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Booking Policy

Updated May 13, 2022


Please book no later than 24 hours of desired date. Bookings must be submitted on Peerspace platform, which can be found on our homepage or on their website. Bookings will be spaced out for both social distancing purposes and granting 15 minute grace periods for arrival and departure.

If booking needs to be adjusted, we can provide a one-time custom offer to adjust the booking request. However, bookings will not be adjusted within 12 hours of booking date.

If you’d like for Co-Founder Briana to provide media services at this studio, please book under Studio Services. If you'd like for Co-Founder Jeff to provide digital art/graphic design services or would like to purchase artwork off the wall or his website, please go directly to his website: Jeff Manning Art. If you'd like to schedule an in-person tour to see Jeff Manning Art's gallery, please book under Gallery Tour. If you have your own production team but need a space to use, please book under Studio Rentals

Studio Rentals

  • Workspace (Off-site meetings/trainings, etc.) - $50/hr (2-hour minimum)

  • Events (Business/Creative-related events) - $60/hr (2-hour minimum) 

  • Media Production (Photoshoot, film productions, etc.) - $70/hr (1-hour minimum)

**For Events Only** - Guest can request a Setup/Breakdown time block fee for 60/hr. For example: 1 hour provides 30min setup & 30min breakdown, 2 hours provide 1hr setup & 1hr breakdown & etc.


We apply Peerspace's booking policies to our website as well. All Bookings are subject to Peerspace’s Grace Period policy which provides a full refund for Bookings cancelled within 24 hours from receipt of a Booking Confirmation but no later than 48 hours prior to the Event start time.

Guests may cancel their Booking until 7 days before the event start time and will receive a full refund (including all Fees) of their Booking Price. Guests may cancel their Booking between 7 days and 24 hours before the event start time and receive a 50% refund (excluding Fees) of their Booking Price. Booking cancellations submitted less than 24 hours before the Event start time are not refundable.


Guests can arrive to the studio no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start time. Guest will also have a 15 minute grace period to wrap up for departure. If guests arrive late, it cuts into their session (Ex., If guests arrives 15mins late to a 1-hour session, only 45mins is remaining & additional time will be an extra fee).


Our maximum guest capacity is 15 guests. Every increment of 5 guests adds an additional fee to the hourly rate:

  • 1-5 guests - $0

  • 6-10 guests - $15

  • 11-15 guests - $25


The fee is still applied if all guests are in the studio at the same time or schedule arrivals (ex. time slots for interviews). Please make sure you or your guests don't arrive with more guest outside of your guest capacity threshold. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for paying the capacity fee BEFORE the session starts. Refusal to pay the capacity fee OR removing the additional guests results in immediate session cancellation & blacklisted from our studio.


Our in-house photographer Disturbriana Media provides BTS photography (included in hourly rate) for guests that book with us for Off-Site/Workspace or Media Production purposes. The photography is used for studio marketing on our website and social media platforms, and promoting production teams to send clients their way. By booking with us, guests are granting us permission to photograph them. Guests do have the right to decline this service, but the hourly rate remains the same with or without the service.

If photos are posted on our platforms, guest to have the right to request removal of the post due to:

  • Releasing project/content on a specific date & BTS can be reposted on that release date

  • Requesting BTS to be private overall

DISCLAIMER: If your booking involves a professional production team (of any size), we advise to be informed in advance on permission to take BTS photos. As FourNineteen Co. Studio is an outside entity that provides a location, we're not obligated to follow any media release contracts.


If you'd like for us to be involved in agreements referencing media release, you must provide a contract prior to studio usage, and one of the co-founders will sign. If we're not provided a contract and photos are requested to be removed off our platforms after they're already posted, we will request a removal fee. Please understand that removal of photos on our platforms means a decrease of studio promotion, which sometimes involves the costs for ads. Therefore, please provide enough notice and a contract for approval/schedule/decline of BTS photography.


We have three smart systems in place:

  • A smart lock at the main building entrance

  • A smart lock at our studio door

  • A motion-detecting camera

Virtual Keys

All guests will receive a virtual key (aka a door code) to the main building's entrance. Virtual keys are only used for your booking (including 10mins before and  15mins after) & are set to expire afterwards. 

DISCLAIMER: Studio members are the only guests that would also have their own virtual key to our studio door. The same key for the main building will also be used to unlock the studio door.

Camera Monitoring

Our camera is placed near the studio door where we're able to capture the public studio area. Please DO NOT change clothes in the public areas. Our "celebrity wall" gallery is also the designated dressing area where we set up a divider for guest privacy. With the divider present, the camera DOES NOT capture that area at all. Please change clothes ONLY in that private area. If guests plan to film in that area (which is allowed), the divider must be moved.

Please DO NOT unplug or tamper with our camera under ANY circumstances! Sometimes the hosts/co-founders are not present during bookings, and the camera helps us monitor damages or broken rules on our property. If we noticed that the camera was unplugged or tampered, there will be a tampering fee equivalent to 1 hour of the booking's hourly rate. If guests refuse to pay the fee, they will be blacklisted (see FAQ for definition).

  • If booked on our website, the fee will be sent via invoice.

  • If booked on Peerspace, the fee will be sent as a 1-hour overtime fee.


DISCLAIMER: If you feel that we've violated your privacy, we'll be happy to provide our raw footage to you or your legal team. Keep in mind that our recordings are timestamped & watermarked. Therefore, if you attempt to edit our footage, it will be noticeable.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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