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Workshops are one of the ways we plan to give back to our creative community. Our motto is to "combine creatives & crafts to make a masterpiece", and having workshops is a way of honoring that motto.

What We Offer

Digital Art

Our co-founder Jeff Manning has been a digital artist/graphic designer for the past 11+ years. His signature is expressing Afrofuturism with image manipulation. He will teach the basics of Photoshop & help you define your own signature as a digital artist.


NFT Marketplace

Jeff has been in the NFT scene since 2021 & has sold a few of his digital artwork pieces. NFTs are non-fungible tokens in cryptocurrency that serves as a digital asset that can be sold but never manipulated. Think of it as an online auction for digital creators that has amazing perks. He will show you how to set up your account with an NFT marketplace & purchase cryptocurrency so you can upload your digital art & start selling it.


Our co-founder Briana Stroman has produced photography work since 2020 for various occasions: studio portraits, events, weddings, conceptual projects, & etc. She will teach you the basics of camera settings, backdrops, lighting, & set design to help you find the photography style you're comfortable with.



Briana has produced visuals for various projects since 2011. She has knowledge of working with a production team & as a one-person team. Whether you're interested in vlogging or filming a production, she'll provide the basics of camera/lighting/audio setup & usage of video editing software.


Web Design

Briana has also created websites for small businesses since 2015. She'll provide the basics of using web hosting platform such as Shopify or Wix for your portfolio, service, or online store. You'll learn about web design, product/service catalogs, SEO, & much more.

Interested in Teaching?

If you're an expert in your field & you'd like to teach others how to do what you do, we'd love to have you! Our motto also reflects collaborating with others who share the same goals of providing knowledge to others. We're all working to be successful, and we'll get there faster if we help each other along the way. 

Workshop Form

Fill out the form  below to let us know what you're interested in learning or teaching.

Are you interested in Learning from a workshop or Teaching a workshop?

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